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The Main Hall is a grand concert hall with great functionality capable of different seating and stage configurations, ranging from a 800-seat auditorium to a banquet hall. It features a commanding performance stage fronting a 16,500 square-foot auditorium / theater with a maximum occupancy of average 800 people, and includes a video control room, professional sound and video equipment, video projection systems, jib arms and lighting. Also in the house, two restrooms and a nursing mothers’ room, office area with kitchen, and a cafeteria.

An ideal setting for:
•  Performances
•  Church Service
•  Private Parties
•  Banquets
•  Executive Meetings
•  Seminars
•  Conferences 


The Main Hall is a perfect setting for performances, banquets, film screenings, private affairs, executive meetings, seminars, church events and conferences.


Building Overview

  • 16,500 SF with a maximum occupancy of 900
  • video control room
  • nursing mothers room
  • office area with two restrooms
  • a cafeteria
  • professional sound and video equipment
  • video projection systems
  • lighting system


What's included: 


  • 1-36x8 Sound CraftGB8 analog console (located 36” off house floor at the rear of the hall)
  • 6-channels of compressor /limiters                                                                                          
  • 1-stereo digital effects unit                                                                                                    
  • 7-drum microphones    
  • 7-Hand Held Wireless Microphones
  • 3- bodypack transmitters with clip on microphones(3 use same channels as the Hand held transmitters)
  • 2-double 18” sub cabinets (5000 watts)
  • 4-12” full range cabinets flown from house ceiling at 21’ trim height.
  • 6-stage monitor wedges
  • 6-stage monitor mixes from main FOH console
  • 2-D.I Boxes              
  • 1-CD player/recorder


  • 2- video screens flanking stage right and left
  • 2 video projectors for stage screens (both projectors play same input) 
  • 1-rear wall projector and screen for confidence monitor  
  • 1-video projector for rear wall projection
  • 1-Kramer Scaler/switcher (VGA)          
  • 1-Count up or down timer 


  • General overhead stage wash
  • General front of house stage wash
  • 5-LED strips for rear wall plastic panels
  • 2 scene preset lighting controller for main stage
  • DMX chaser  console for LED lights on rear wall
  • House lights are incandescent and are on dimmers
  • Backline:
  • 1-DW drum kit (no Cymbals)
  • 1-Plexiglass drum baffle  
  • 1-Yamaha digital keyboard

Loading area:

  • We do not have a loading dock that is truck height. We have a ramp that allows access to the stage right area on the house floor. Truck parking is available on site with special arrangements. Load in doors are a standard set of double door without the center post. 

Main Stage:

  • 60’ wide x 16’ deep x 36” tall. The surface is carpeted.
  • Step units on stage left
  • Step unit down stage center leading into the center audience aisle
  • Crossover behind stage      
  • 6-4x8 risers are available. They are able to be carpet or a hard surface. 

Dressing rooms:

  • There are two dressing rooms located behind the main stage. They both have bathrooms and sinks. They each have access to the house at house level.


  • There is a fly rig set to fly a person from off the upstage left area to the downstage center area. Please ask for details if you are thinking about using this lift. 
    The main hall has steel beams that make the space ideal for rigging aerialists.  Please speak with your sales manager for more information about rigging.


Additional services 

lighting, sound, camera, video recording


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