Spaces will be first come first served. 

Item Qty&Price:

4               $140 Basic 6*6 Booth  

14              $160 Standard 8*8 Booth

25             $180 Advanced 10*10 booth

2               $260 premium stage 12*12 booth              

There will be bathrooms for the use of our Vendors.

Contact:  909-591-8077




  • All vendors setup at 9:00am
  • All vendors are responsible for removing their own garbage from the premises.
  • No vendors can run a generator that is louder than 45 decibels from 5’ away.
  • All vendors must be off the property by 10pm.
  • Non-Refund Cash Only Payment in full is due at within 7 days after submit application. Please Make Payment on site or mail your cash to 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 no later than 7 days after submit application.
  • Please show your receipt at the gate to gain entry.
  • Management reserves the right to remove any vendor that is not following the rules or selling items that were not listed on their application. You will not receive a refund.
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